Mutant Bass online bass lessons explains relevant musical concepts in the most clear and simple way, so you can start experiencing more freedom with your bass playing in a matter of weeks, instead of years!

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Posido! I've helped hundreds of bass players, like yourself, find freedom in their bass playing!

I've been playing the bass since 1995 and teaching since 2003. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to perform nationally, produce music internationally, record bass for various artists, and teach bass both face-to-face and online!

In 2000, I was faced with an injury that forced me to stop playing the bass for several months.

When I was able to return to playing the bass, my practice time was severely limited.

What used to be 6-8 hours of daily practice, became a measly 15-20 minutes before the pain in my shoulder and hands came rushing back!

It was during this difficult time I gave plenty of thought on how I practiced and what I practiced, since every minute had to count!

What I learned was that in order to see any improvement with my bass playing, I had to narrow my scope for each practice session, focus on concepts that got results, weed out the ones that didn't, and be consistent.

This became the foundation of all bass lessons found here at Mutant Bass!

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