Posido Vega is a bassist, producer, teacher, and student. He is best known as the bassist for Celtic fusion trio, Harp 46 and Indie-Pop vocalist, Amanda Lee.

Shortly after buying his first bass guitar, his brother Nucleo Vega (author of Understanding Groove, Paradiddles Redefined, and Drum Melody) introduced Posido to the music of Chick Corea. This exposure ignited an unstoppable thirst for improvisation and creative expansion on the bass guitar.

Since then, Posido has performed and recorded in many bands of various musical genres, including rock, funk, jazz, world, gospel, hip-hop, fusion, and experimental. In his spare time, he writes lessons for the popular instructional bass guitar blog, Mutant Bass and produces royalty-free music as an exclusive author for AudioJungle.

Musical Influences

Nucleo Vega, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Chick Corea, Jaco Pastorious, Oteil Burbridge, Zakir Hussain, Gary Peacock, Avishai Cohen, Sharay Reed, Jeff Ballard, Joshua Redman, Bill Stewart, Ray Brown, Victor Wooten, John Stowell, Kenny Garrett


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